Venezuelan Prez extends condolences to families of helicopter crash victims

Venezuelan Prez extends condolences to families of helicopter crash victims

Guaido is considered Venezuela's legitimate leader by the USA and 50 other countries.

"We have a full range of options that we're preparing for", Pompeo said on ABC's This Week, adding that potential paths forward include "diplomatic options, political options, options with our allies and then ultimately a set of options that would involve use of USA military".

Venezuela has a long history of military rebellions.

The standoff has drawn in major world powers, with the United States throwing its support behind Guaido and Russian Federation and China backing Maduro. Maduro's government accuses the USA and others of launching an "economic war" against Venezuela, blaming it for most of the country's problems.

The U.S. didn't suffer an intelligence failure this week about the prospects of Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaido successfully leading an uprising to oust Maduro, Pompeo said on ABC.

Trump undercut Pompeo's position on Friday, telling reporters that Putin had assured him "he is not looking to get involved in Venezuela other than he'd like to see something positive happen for Venezuela".

Pence emphasized that the Trump administration supports Interim President Juan Guaido and Venezuelans seeking freedom from the repressive Maduro regime. Washington has imposed economic sanctions on Venezuela's oil industry and individuals linked to Maduro, who alleges he is the target of a USA -engineered coup plot in which Guaidó is a key collaborator.

Duque said on Twitter on April 27 that explosives set off at a military base had been orchestrated from Venezuela, where he alleged Maduro was protecting Colombian ELN rebels.

Maduro blames the USA government for attempting to foment a coup against him by supporing opposition head Juan Guaido, who denounces Maduro as illegitimate and has assumed a rival presidency.

Venezuelans who want political change must keep protesting in the streets, said David Manrique, a 20-year-old student.

"We're preparing those for [Guaidó] so that when the situation arises, we're not flatfooted", Pompeo said.

Later in the interview, Pompeo said military options are on the table for Venezuela.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the USA should "abandon its irresponsible plans" to overthrow Maduro.

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