Armed Militia Group Is Detaining Migrants at Border, Videos Show

Armed Militia Group Is Detaining Migrants at Border, Videos Show

After the third penetration mission for the drone, agents observed a group of 10 migrants making their way across the border in the same area surveilled by the drone.

Peter Simonson, executive director for the ACLU of New Mexico, told CNN that while militia groups have patrolled near the border before, now such groups feel empowered by rhetoric they hear from the White House.

A video of the mass arrest shows hundreds of migrants sitting and kneeling complacently as the camerawoman marvels at how many children and sick people are coming in "right through our backdoor". "I don't know what to say about this other than the fact it's gotta stop".

An 8-year-old Guatemalan national in the custody of the Yuma Sector Border Patrol was diagnosed with measles on Wednesday, but officials later corrected the diagnosis to strep throat.

Central American migrants, part of a caravan hoping to reach the USA border, walk on the shoulder of a road in Frontera Hidalgo, Mexico, Friday, April 12, 2019. The group's leader, who calls himself Johnny Horton Jr., claims they have detained over 3,500 migrants in the last month alone, while Benvie says the Border Patrol has never told them to stand down. And recently, militias have boosted their activities in states including New Mexico, The New York Times reported. "This is the first known time in recent history that a drone has been utilized as a "look-out" in order to aid in illegal entries in the El Paso Sector", officials stated.

The border patrol said that the Yuma sector is now more than double its recommended detention capacity with more than 1,000 people in custody.

"If these people follow our verbal commands, we hold them until Border Patrol comes", Benvie said.

"We concede that these groups have a freedom to associate, to assemble, freedom to speech and our state gun laws do give them ability to carry weapons", Simonson said.

"Interference by civilians in law enforcement matters could have public safety and legal consequences for all parties involved", said a spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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