Second tornado confirmed in Robertson County Saturday

Second tornado confirmed in Robertson County Saturday

Two children, aged just three and eight, were crushed to death on Saturday after a tree toppled onto the back of their family vehicle in Lufkin, Angelina County.

The National Weather Service in Cleveland confirmed Monday that at least six people were injured after a tornado touched down in Richland County during Sunday's storms.

At least five people died over the weekend as powerful thunderstorms that spawned tornadoes made their way toward the Atlantic Coast.

Damaging winds are expected to be the primary threat, but a few tornadoes are also possible.

Officials said Carter Lumber Company sustained "extensive damage" and a boat was lifted off the ground.

Steady winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour are expected to gust as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour, the weather service said. Winds may also be breezy at times. They were in the back seat with their parents in the front, said Angelina County Sheriff's Department Capt. Alton Lenderman.

Tour leader Amanda O'Brien said that after some confusion, American Airlines representatives were able to get them on their way to Beijing late Sunday morning. An additional 19 people - including two in critical condition - were taken to the hospital for treatment due to tornado-related injuries.

"This is an ongoing threat", said meteorologist Brian Hurley at the NNWS Weather Prediction Center in Maryland.

The National Weather Service in Jackson, Mississippi, confirmed a tornado touched down Saturday night in Starkville.

Dozens of homes in Hamilton, Mississippi, have been completely leveled. Trees and wires were downed along a 75-mile stretch through the Southern Tier and the Catskills, according to weather service reports. We have a lot of flooding, there are several trees down.

The massive storm system sped from Texas eastward with dozens of twisters reported as touching down across the South from Texas through Georgia into Pennsylvania.

While a watch indicates that tornadoes are possible, a warning is more serious and means that a tornado is likely or imminent.

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