Lawyer: Challenge to NYC's vaccination order in the works

Lawyer: Challenge to NYC's vaccination order in the works

(Donald G. McNeil Jr., April 2019) - "Faced with an expanding measles outbreak, Mayor Bill de Blasio of NY declared a public health emergency on Tuesday and ordered a program of mandatory vaccination in parts of Brooklyn".

In the face of this crisis, schools in Washington and NY are keeping unvaccinated children out of classes, and Rockland County executive Ed May declared that they should be barred from all public places in the county.

On Friday they obtained a partial victory: A judge issued an injunction requiring county officials to drop the ban against any child with a "religious exemption", at least until April 19.

And while the highly contagious respiratory disease has yet to hit Utahns, "we're only one airline flight within a case coming here", said Dr. Tamara Sheffield, medical director for community health and prevention at Intermountain Healthcare. Avi, who did not give his last name due to privacy concerns, said he doesn't believe the outbreak is as serious as Mayor Bill de Blasio makes it out to be.

The document warns citizens that failure to follow the orders will be counted as a violation of the Health Code, and anybody who does not comply will face criminal and civil fines, forfeitures, penalties, and prison.

"Utahns don't need to panic, but rather carefully consider their vaccination status", she said, adding it isn't too late to get the vaccine.

The last time city public health officials relied on mandatory vaccinations also involved a religious community in a far more virulent measles outbreak that swept the country in 1991.

Since October she has been fighting an uphill battle to quell one of the worst US measles outbreaks in 20 years. "And they may spread measles to people who can not get vaccinated because they are too young or have specific health conditions". But two years ago, measles cases unexpectedly popped upward again, rising 30 percent in a single year. We will use it prudently, we will use it with restraint, but we will use it to protect the public health of Westchester people.

"Vaccines are safe and effective - and they work."

Governor of Washington Jay Inslee also declared a state of emergency in January, urging immunization and citing the measles outbreak as "an extreme public health risk", according to a CNN article.

"Our goal is not to fine anyone", de Blasio said. "Those who have the vaccination won't have to worry".

"There is an element of anti-vaccine supporters and sympathizers who do not want to get shots".

But Begun said a larger number may delay the first measles-mumps-rubella vaccine until 2 years of age instead of the recommended 1 year, vastly increasing the number of unvaccinated children who can be infected. "The delay it is what's fueling this outbreak". As of Wednesday there were 173 confirmed reported cases of measles in Rockland County. "I think it will help in getting the community covered", he said. Six of the children are siblings.

"In order to prevent an outbreak in your community, you have to have a 97 percent herd immunity rate", Sheffield said.

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