Kim Jong-un re-elected as chairman of State Affairs Commission

Kim Jong-un re-elected as chairman of State Affairs Commission

The summit in Hanoi fell apart as North Korean leader Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump failed to find common ground over how to match Pyongyang's denuclearization steps with Washington's sanctions relief.

Moon has arrived in Washington DC on Wednesday in order to discuss the second summit between the USA and North Korea in Vietnam, which was ended abruptly without reaching any nuclear agreement.

Shortly after the Hanoi summit, a series of satellite images emerged suggesting increased activity at the North's Sohae rocket site, triggering worldwide alarm that the nuclear-armed state might be preparing a long-range or space launch. Moon met Kim three times past year.

Trump said he continues to have a good relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un despite failing to reach a deal with him during the last diplomatic summit. However, the results of the bilateral talks are not yet known.

"There are various smaller deals that maybe could happen, things could happen".

Vipin Narang, a North Korea expert and professor of worldwide relations at MIT, said this interpretation is possible, but noted that Trump's "intuition is that a small deal can not by definition be a "good deal" " for Trump the businessman.

Moon did not directly address the issue of sanctions.

Some of those reforms earned the ire of Mr Kim Jong Il, who led North Korea at the time.

Earlier Moon sat down with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton and said it is necessary "to maintain the momentum of dialogue and achieve results through a top-down approach so the worldwide community can look forward to a third U.S". Details of these talks have yet to emerge.

The new demands went far beyond the more incremental approach to denuclearisation that Washington had publicly touted ahead of the summit, and which is more in line with the strategy of President Moon.

Before the Hanoi summit, Moon told Trump that he is willing to begin economic engagement with North Korea as a "concession" if it would help in negotiating a denuclearization deal with Kim.

Moon told Trump of his plans to hold another inter-Korean summit 'soon, ' according to a subsequent Blue House press release, but 'nothing has been decided yet on the location and timing of the inter-Korean summit'.

It added that Kim Jong-un was "making a new history" of remodeling society with "outstanding ideological and theoretical wisdom". "I think that sanctions right now are at a level that's a fair level".

"There are many areas that we can still work together; it must not be limited to just economy and culture".

Pyongyang said it had pushed for limited sanctions relief in exchange for dismantling its main nuclear facility at Yongbyon.

The comments, reported by state media Thursday, represent Kim's first official, defiant response to the breakdown of the second U.S.

The two presidents' seventh meeting since Moon took office came a month and a half after the U.S.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was elected chairman of the State Affairs Commission, and a new premier was chosen by the government's parliament, the Korean Central News Agency reports.

Kim was first elected chairman of this commission in June 2016, when this body was originally created.

While the media also referred to other high-level personnel changes in the SPA, there was no information on policy direction.

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