From spring warmth back to winter: get ready for more snow

From spring warmth back to winter: get ready for more snow

Denver is expected to see a foot of snow, and Niobrara, Nebraska, could too.

Between one and two feet of snow is slated to hit the Northern and Central Plains before moving to western Minnesota through Thursday night. It's not clear this storm will be strong enough to be deemed a bomb cyclone, as the jet-stream plunge isn't as sharp as last month's storm, but it will certainly be an intense low-pressure system.

It is the only county in the entire state that is not under a National Weather Service Winter Storm Warning that begins Wednesday night and runs through Friday morning.

Areas to the east of Laramie, including Cheyenne, are under a Winter Storm Warning and Blizzard Warnings have been issued for the Nebraska panhandle.

The National Weather Service has expanded a Winter Storm Watch to now include Stearns County and the surrounding counties of Benton, Sherburne and Wright.

Travel could be very hard and snow could significantly reduce visibility. The advisory area will likely see a mix of snow, rain, sleet and ice over the next few days. Twelve to 18 inches of snow are expected in the area Wednesday and Thursday. Rain will turn to snow Wednesday. The Watch is in effect from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday morning.

It may be April, but for some 200 million people the upper Midwest and Plains, it will feel more like the dead of winter when a massive, potentially "historic" snowstorm arrives this week.

#AccordingToAllTheExperts...a risky spring storm system will bring multiple weather hazards to the USA today and tomorrow.

Minneapolis, a major Delta hub, will be impacted by this snow, so there will likely be system-wide air delays due to this.

Initial predictions call more than 10 inches of snow possible. The city likely will see warm temperatures, wind, showers and thunderstorms, with very low chance of severe weather. Caribou has had continuous snow cover since November 10, 2018, and 23 inches of snow remain on the ground in a region that has seen 158.5 inches over the course of the season, according to the weather service.

It may be spring but parts of northern ME are in for more snow.

Blizzard warning stretch across 6 states. Residents could expect downed trees, widespread power outages and road closures, Burke said.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem on Wednesday closed state government offices in 52 counties under a blizzard warning, according to a statement from her office.

Winter is having one final party in the Midwest this week and parts of MI will feel it.

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