Did Serena Williams Reveal the Sex of Meghan Markle's Royal Baby?

Did Serena Williams Reveal the Sex of Meghan Markle's Royal Baby?

Unlike his first visit to Harry and Meghan's rented abode in the Cotswolds where he shared a picture of avocado toast, truffles and tea and thanked the Duchess for being the "consummate hostess", no shots from inside this visit were shared.

Despite the inconvenience, the anonymous informers insisted the rest of the royal family doesn't hold it against the Duchess. "So nobody else has ever faced this circumstance before". He so wanted Kate and Meghan to become firm friends and allies.

The royal couple recently moved into Frogmore Cottage after six months worth of renovations in order to get the home baby-ready.

Yes it might all be a bit different to what the royals are used to and, yes, she may be bringing her special brand of Hollywood to the family (replete with her USA makeup artist flying in for post-birth makeovers) but actually, so what? What's the value of it?

Not only will Meghan have to declare gifts but if she considers selling any of them, she would be taxed on any rise in their value-and with her name attached to them, the jump in value is likely to be great.

Moreover, Meghan has been working hard lately and optimizing her health for the baby.

"During the early stages of the relationship, ahead of the engagement announcement, William did speak to Harry, just wanting to make sure Harry knew what he was getting himself into", relayed Nicholl.

The changes were very minor, but it's a little glimpse into how they're adapting to their social media presence. In all of our lives, we don't do things exactly the same as How They Were Done in our parents' or grandparents' time. Since her baby will not be a direct heir to the throne, she doesn't believe she should have to do the photo-op "just because people think she should". "His advisers would have been furious if they'd put him in that position".

Spare a thought for the Royal Family's accountants.

Mackintosh-Stewart suggested Meghan won't be the only one feeling anxious when the royal baby arrives.

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