Jets blasted after officially releasing uniforms

Jets blasted after officially releasing uniforms

The New York Jets on stage as they unveil new uniforms for 2019 at Gotham Hall in New York City on Thursday, April 4, 2019. Contrasting stripes are on each shoulder (white on the green, green on the white as well as on the black), this design is duplicated down each pant leg.

And after all that wait... they were indeed the ones that were leaked before the event on Wednesday.

The Jets kicked off the redesign project in 2014.

Gotham green, spotlight white, and stealth black are the name of Jets' new colors, says team president Neil Glat. The tagline, which will be used throughout the stadium and at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center, is a call to action for players and fans to celebrate the future of New York Jets football. As recently as this week, someone claimed to leak a picture of the new uniforms.

With Johnson clearly happy, let's take a close look at the Jets' new duds. Because who can forget the many accomplishments of the Jets while wearing those uniforms?

The new helmets are green with "Jets" featured in white on the side.

It's the first significant uniform or logo change to the Jets in twenty-one years when the club unveiled their throwback-style design in 1998.

What does NY grit look like? Before posing in the new uniforms, the players were asked to turn over their cell phones in an effort to protect the secret.

The home unis feature green jerseys with white numbers and a white, bolt-looking stripe across the shoulders, along with white trousers and a green stripe.

Jets CEO Christopher Johnson is excited about the new uniforms and the team.

Three new logos will appear on the team's helmets, fan gear and related memorabilia.

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