Borderlands 3 goes up for preorder, launches in September

Borderlands 3 goes up for preorder, launches in September

This time around, the developer posted the game's announce trailer on YouTube, complete with a little more in-game information, a launch date, and some not so great news for PC gamers.

When is Borderlands 3 Coming Out?

There's a chance this feature was removed from the list due to the exclusivity deal signed with the Epic Games Store, or that it is simply a feature that Microsoft was not supposed to mention yet.

The announcement of Borderlands 3 made a lot of waves in the gaming community this past week, pulling in almost five million views on its official reveal trailer in just a matter of days. Add that Epic only takes a 12 percent revenue cut (Steam now takes 30 percent) from games sold on its platform, and it's a party for game makers big and small. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that fans of the Borderlands franchise got angry when they heard about the Epic Games three months exclusivity deal.

The series, which started in 2009 and has found large critical and commercial success across its two primary installments, as well as 2014's The Pre-Sequel! and Telltale Games spin-off Tales From the Borderlands. This might only encourage Gearbox to continue hosting its game on Epic's platform, which offers developers the option to turn off customer reviews.

The tweets were sparked by a piece in USGamer that comes to the pretty logical conclusion that, while the Epic Games Store has issues, it's not Chinese spyware. Though he was quick to separate the development team from the publisher - stressing that they don't have control over distribution and platform partnerships - he did openly endorse the practice. The Borderlands games are triple-A hits with tails so long that they circle the dang planet, ensnaring millions of players to this day. This suggested that Borderlands 3 was going to be an Epic Store exclusive.

Like most review bombings, this one doesn't seem poised to have much effect.

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