Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet team up for new single 'MONOPOLY'

Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet team up for new single 'MONOPOLY'

Grande, 25, collaborated with her friend Victoria Monét for new song "Monopoly," released on Monday (April 1) which features Grande singing the line: "I like women and men".

But at one point in the song, Ariana looks directly at the camera and sings, "I like women and men".

Mont is openly bisexual after she came out by writing "I also like girls" in a tweet previous year. "If Ariana grande comes out as bisexual I'm dead forever", another writes.

Grande said that she is not going to "label herself", which is getting both yays and boos from Woke Twitter. She then additionally liked fans' tweets about sexuality being fluid.

Ariana Grande is treating fans to a new song.

And Victoria replied with a cryptic: "She said what she said", which the majority of Ariana's followers took as confirmation.

Ariana Grande has appeared to reveal she's bisexual in her new track Monopoly.

I quickly fell down a rabbit hole of people accusing Grande of darkening her skin.

In the video, Ariana looks stunning in a leopard print outfit as the duo dance on a rooftop while emojis fly across the screen in the home movie-style video.

Ari set the record straight on Twitter, saying that she's never labeled her sexuality and doesn't feel the need to now.

Of course, this isn't the first time fans have freaked out over one of Grande's musical projects.

In the low-tech video for "Monopoly", Grande and Monét swap verses while dancing on a rooftop. They were engaged less than two months later.

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