Valve Index VR Headset Officially, yet Quietly Revealed on Steam

Valve Index VR Headset Officially, yet Quietly Revealed on Steam

But the Valve Index appears to have a two lens on both sides of the headset and we are not sure how that will actually work.

Valve Corporation's VR headset, Valve Index, will officially launch in May 2019.

Some investigative Steam users found a teaser page on the Steam site for the Valve Index, which looks very much like a new VR Headset.

Inspecting the source code of the page reveals a caption underneath the image which reads: "Upgrade your experience". But a Valve spokesman said, "We will have more info soon". To put things into perspective, the last Half-Life game or episode was released back in 2007.

With the Valve Index scheduled to come out this May, 2019 is poised to be significant year for new VR consoles.

Ars took the time to increase the brightness on the Valve Index image to reveal six dots on the surface of the headset. Not much is known at the moment beyond its release date, name, and first official image. That report hinted to Valve's headset supporting a wider, 135-degree field-of-view (FOV), as opposed to the roughly 110-degree FOV of the original HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. What would you like to see from Valve? It's also likely that the tracking will be "inside out" (sensors inside the headset, as opposed to previous generations of Vive and Oculus, which used external sensor stations to track movement).

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