Google Stadia May Have Lag and Latency-Early Reports

Google Stadia May Have Lag and Latency-Early Reports

Google wants to change the gaming landscape, and it's not hard to understand why. The platform is cloud-based and will run exclusively on streaming, saving users from purchasing consoles or computers. Similarly Chrome Cast Ultra can be used to connect with your television with its assistance. Doom 2016 was in crisp 4k and i was able to focus on the game without thinking about the service I was playing it on, which is ultimately the best endorsement of a new platform like this. Despite my skepticism about Stadia's claims though, the promise of the service is so compelling that I hope Google can pull it off and will be paying close attention when Stadia launches later this year. More than anything, it seems Google is more concerned with Stadia creating "a bigger opportunity" for the industry at large than trying to supplant other platforms. It might be bad news for Game Shop Owners as it eliminates the middle man from the Equation.

According to a report from US Gamer, the retail titan has been "exploring" game streaming in talks with game developers and publishers since early 2019. The public testing using Google's service ended in January, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey was the first and only game to be tested publicly. While at this time that's a limited number, Stadia holds a lot of potential. When launched, games can be streamed across laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, and TVs. "We can run games in a variety of resolutions depending on the bandwidth you have coming into your home".

Adding that the customer remains at the center of Xbox plans for the future.

Google also has something exclusively for the developers; introducing an awesome way of applying company/individual own design style to different titles on Stadia.

Game streaming is a new race to see which company offers the first hit product that catches on with the masses. Share your views in the comments and keep reading Fossbytes.

How would your connection fair when trying to play over Stadia?

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