Missouri River Raises To Record Flooding At Nebraska City

Missouri River Raises To Record Flooding At Nebraska City

Continued rain chances, melting snow, and frozen ground mean flooding concerns are sticking around.

Meanwhile, a flood warning has been issued for the Nith River, where flows through New Hamburg are expected to peak on Friday afternoon based on the current forecast.

As forecasters project big spring flooding along the MS, leaders in flood-prone Clarksville are preparing to weather the storm. As of Saturday evening, the river stood at just under 25 feet, which is considered moderate flooding.

If you live in a flood prone area, it is a good idea to prepare for the rising water and have a plan to evacuate should you need to.

The highest crest on record for the Missouri River in St. Joseph occurred in late July of 1993.

Western Douglas County in east central Nebraska... The Cooper Nuclear Station near Brownville, NE could also shut down due to rising flood waters. The flood stage is 24 feet.

The flooding was the worst in almost a decade in places, though the situation was expected to improve quickly over the weekend, according to Mike Gillispie, National Weather Service hydrologist in Sioux Falls.

Arthur said that Jack's had additional customers because the water had closed some other bars and restaurants - and that the flooding was the main topic of conversation.

Evacuations as floodwaters rise in Ashland, Nebraska. Meteorologist Brian Pierce with the National Weather Service's Quad Cities office in Davenport, Iowa, said flooding on the MS could get worse a few weeks as more snow melts in Minnesota and Wisconsin. A flood warning was in effect for the Rock River in Como, where the river had reached 15 feet Friday, 2 1/2 feet above flood stage.

The midweek storm crippled parts of Colorado and Wyoming with blizzard conditions. "This has been a statewide emergency with people impacted by heavy snow, high winds, rain, and freezing rain". South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem said she signed an emergency declaration to free up more state money for people affected by the storm and the flooding.

The storm also spawned at least three tornadoes in MI and in on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.

Early Friday afternoon, the Missouri State Highway Patrol closed Interstate 29 at USA 136 near Rock Port, Missouri, and north to the Iowa border due to flooding conditions.

Flooding has also made several highways in Wisconsin unpassable. Even if they are well back from a known water source, the location might be the last, best spot to turn around.

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