Tesla Model Y Specifications Revealed, Priced At $39000 Before Savings

Tesla Model Y Specifications Revealed, Priced At $39000 Before Savings

As Jalopnik correctly highlights, the Model Y shares a lot in common with the mainstream Model 3 sedan (about 75 percent of its components are the same) so if you liked the look and feel of that vehicle, you'll probably feel right at home here.

It's an important launch, maybe Tesla's most important ever.

Tesla has officially unveiled the Model Y compact SUV today at an event live from California.

Consumers who plop down their deposits for the Model Y may have to cross their fingers for their vehicles to be delivered on schedule.

The Model Y will have a panoramic glass roof, much like that on the Model 3, and it will come with autopilot. Without knowing for sure whether the constraint at Fremont is simply space (which has doubtless been squeezed by the two more or less unusable Model 3 general assembly lines built before the tent-based GA3 line) or paint shop air quality permits, it's impossible to completely rule out Fremont-based North American production and Tesla is staying cagey about manufacturing plans.

The second Model-Y variant is the Long Range Rear Wheel Drive, which has a $49,000 price tag.

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They're also consistent. Tesla just last month announced it would close all of its dealerships and go to an online-only sales model with reduced pricing. No real shockers here-all four passenger doors are normal, not in the X's expensive "Falcon" style, and the body sits a little higher than the Model 3's. Like Model 3, Model Y requires no keys, but instead connects to your smartphone for seamless entry and exit, with a single 15-inch touchscreen interface inside for all of the car's controls.

The cheaper version of the new vehicle starts with a battery that will last drivers for up to 230 miles. Deliveries are due to start at in the fall of 2020.

Just as Model 3, the Model Y will be offered in Standard Range and Long Range versions, with Dual Motor and Performance variants. It'll sticker for $52,200. It will also race from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96.6 kph) in 5.5 seconds and have a top speed of 130 miles per hour (209.2 kph).

Chief Executive, South African born Elon Musk, said that the Model Y would first debut in a long-range version that can achieve a claimed range of 482km between charges, priced at $47 000 (R680 000).

Teased image of Model Y from Tesla Photo: Tesla Inc. Especially when you consider the price difference between the 3 and the Y is as slim as $2,000, the Model 3 seems unnecessary, even obsolete with the launch of the Y crossover. "We're bringing S3XY back, quite literally!" I asked the Tesla personnel if they'd mind me taking a Y out for a spin. The Model Y is a crossover because Tesla says it is, and because - side by side with the Model 3 - it's bigger.

Musk had previously joked that after making the Model S and the Model X, he thought it would be "pretty amusing if we had the model E". Knocking a hundred grand off it's crossover lineup can only be seen as a smart move for Tesla.

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