David Beckham pranked by James Corden with fake LA Galaxy statue

David Beckham pranked by James Corden with fake LA Galaxy statue

Football star David Beckham is set to be honored with a statue by L.A. Galaxy that has been in the works for more than a year.

James Corden may have just pulled off the ultimate prank on his buddy, soccer star David Beckham.

Beckham, though, was pranked before appearing at the statue unveiling ceremony inside the Galaxy's stadium in front of fans ready for their season opener.

The sculptor Emmanuel Santos, 40, says Ronaldo personally told him he liked it and that was what mattered most.

Beckham himself had not seen the finalized version of the genuine statue, which now stands outside of the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, so Corden had the ideal opportunity to trick the unwitting athlete.

David Beckham Falls Hook, Line And Sinker For James Corden’s Statue Swap Prank

Beckham is heard critiquing the statue to the fake artist: "It's slightly different to what is was when I saw it in Chicago".

The reveal was orchestrated with a bunch of actors, one of which called him "Dave" Beckham repeatedly and reflected on his career at "Man City", which is some real subtle chef kiss gear.

Chris Klein, one of Beckham's former LA Galaxy teammates and club president, was in on the prank as a video package of Beckham's Galaxy highlights showed some of his lowlights, too. "I mean, look at my chin?"

"It doesn't look anything like me, look at the eyes. Look how long my arms are, I honestly look like Stretch Armstrong!" I really don't see how this could go out. "The only thing that is good is my hair".

The final phase of the prank saw a forklift driver arriving to move the statue to its permanent home - and "accidentally" tip it over, smashing it to pieces.

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