The Michael Jackson Allegations: Separating The Art From The Artist

The Michael Jackson Allegations: Separating The Art From The Artist

Sony has not said it's dropping Jackson, but it did drop R.Kelly after the Lifetime documentary "Surviving R.Kelly" aired in January.

'In light of what is happening at the moment, SmoothFM is not now playing any Michael Jackson songs, ' local media quoted Nova's programme director Paul Jackson as saying.

The report says the Canadian radio stations listen to comments and reactions from their audience and reacted accordingly.

Three Cogeco Media-owned stations CKOI, Rythme and The Beat in Montreal, Canada have confirmed that they would be pulling Jackson's music from their schedules following the accusations in the film. The film highlights allegations of child molestation against the singer, and now, radio stations around the world are deciding that they don't want anything to do with Jackson's music anymore.

Leon Wratt, the content director of MediaWorks, said the decision is not an indication of the station's personal sentiments on the matter.

Multiple major radio stations in New Zealand, including MediaWorks, which owns almost half the country's commercial stations, have taken Jackson's music off its airwaves.

They claim the documentary failed to talk to family members and other defenders of Jackson, who claim the alleged child abuse never happened.

In response, Jackson tweeted, "i actually haven't made any statements yet, especially regarding how it affects my work life".

'Ten years after his passing, there are still those out to profit from his enormous worldwide success and take advantage of his eccentricities, ' the suit claimed.

But it is far from clear that digital listeners are abandoning the singer in the same way, and "The Essential Michael Jackson" is still the 65th most downloaded album in Australia.

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