Four staffers for Justin Fairfax quit amid sexual assault controversy

Four staffers for Justin Fairfax quit amid sexual assault controversy

- The Virginia NAACP Executive Committee is defending Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, as two women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault.

"When I was confronted with the images yesterday I was appalled that they appeared on my page", Northam said during a press conference on February 2, "but I believe then and now, that I am not either of the people in that photo". Virginia is among a handful of states electing lawmakers this year, and Democrats had hoped to flip the Republican-controlled General Assembly.

"That same year I did participate in a dance contest in San Antonio in which I darkened my face as part of a Michael Jackson costume", Northam said.

Hope's decision came during a conference call Sunday night with Democratic members of the Virginia House of Delegates in which members voiced their strong opinion to Hope that the caucus was not prepared for articles of impeachment to be introduced, according to a source familiar with the talks.

"Mr. Fairfax has tried to brand me as a liar to a national audience, in service to his political ambitions, and has threatened litigation".

The Associated Press typically does not identify those who say they were sexually assaulted, but both Tyson and Watson issued public statements using their names. And I started looking in a picture of the individual with blackface.

On Saturday, Fairfax issued a statement repeating his strong denials that he had ever sexually assaulted anyone and made clear he does not intend to immediately step down and says he is calling for authorities, including the FBI, to investigate.

Although the Democratic Party has taken nearly a zero-tolerance approach to misconduct among its members in this #MeToo era, a housecleaning in Virginia could be costly to them: If all three Democrats resigned, Republican Cox would become governor.

In the latest statement, attorney Nancy Erika Smith is calling for impeachment hearings to provide "due process" for the alleged victims and Fairfax himself.

"Ms. Watson was raped by a basketball player during her sophomore year at Duke", the statement said. Her charge is that while she initially consented to kissing and touching that Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex.

Fairfax says his sexual encounter with Tyson was consensual.

Impeachment may not be an option, according to George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf. Krzyzewski said after Saturday's victory over Virginia. A two-thirds majority in the upper chamber would be needed to remove someone from office.

"I didn't realize really the powerful implications of that", said Northam.

"The one thing I want to make abundantly clear is that in both situations I knew at the time, and I know today, that the interactions were consensual", he said. Northam may try to appoint a Democrat, while Republicans could mount a legal challenge with the goal of getting Senate Pro Tem Steve Newman to serve as both a voting senator and temporary lieutenant governor.

Party leaders in Virginia and across the nation have called for Northam and Fairfax to resign.

The attorney general's future also remains in question. Now she wants Fairfax to resign from office, she said through her lawyer.

"And there is a reason- I believe- that this happened", he said. "There are still some very deep wounds in Virginia, and especially in the area of equity".

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