Celebs wear pro-Trump fashion at the 2019 Grammys

Celebs wear pro-Trump fashion at the 2019 Grammys

Joy Villa attends the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.

While speaking to Fox News, the 27-year-old did her best to explain why she continues to troll the public on one of the music industry's biggest nights.

Villa, known more for her support of the President than for her music, wore a Make America Great Again gown at the 2017 Grammy Awards and a pro-life dress with an image of a foetus at the show in 2018.

She also noted that the look was made by Desi Designs Couture. "I support what the president says about building the wall, so that's what this dress represents".

"I'm part-Latina, I'm black", Villa said.

The singer, songwriter stepped onto the red carpet Sunday evening in a striking look, which included bedazzled boots, mirrored glasses and a red, white and blue jacket.

Villa took off the silver dress to reveal a new one underneath - a brick-print gown with the words, "Build The Wall", on the back.

In a separate post, Allinger-Nelson called the chance to design Villa's Grammy look an "honor", writing, "I appreciate the opportunity to make what I love to do and help a client achieve their vision". (70% of heroin is from Mexico) More illegal women getting sexually assaulted (1 in 3 who try to make it in)? Last year, she wore a graphic white gown with the shape of an unborn fetus and the printed slogan, "I choose life". "I never understand LGBTQ+ people who support him".

"I don't care what anyone thinks", Villa said.

A native of Orange County, Villa is also a noted Scientologist, a self-described vegan bodybuilder, and a former Bernie Sanders supporter (she's since deleted tweets endorsing the Vermont senator). Though the designer ensured followers her views were not the same, she praised the design and wrote: "We are all different and we belong." on her Instagram.

As well as wearing white pants and a high-neck shirt, the American singer-songwriter and dancer donned a pro-Trump jacket. I want to "wow" people.

Joy Villa is being annoying again.

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