Threatening cold to bring 'dangerous to impossible travel conditions' this week

Threatening cold to bring 'dangerous to impossible travel conditions' this week

The "polar vortex" event will have 89 percent of the continental US with below freezing weather, meteorologist Ryan Maue said.

The hardest-hit zone will span from Minnesota and Iowa through MI and Indiana, including Minneapolis, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Chicago, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Detroit.

"There's no mild way of saying it".

Now comes the arrival of brutal and potentially record breaking cold. Minnesota temperatures could hit 30 below with a wind chill of 60 below.

Most state government offices in the Lower Peninsula were closed Monday morning except for offices handling critical functions.

The cold blast, caused by lobe of the stratospheric polar vortex that is positioned over the Great Lakes, far south of its usual position, may result in a large number of all-time low maximum records (daily highs) falling, according to Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground.

It would be the first time the Windy City has seen temps that low since the mid-1980s, according to the weather service.

Though a partly sunny day is forecasted for both Tuesday and Wednesday, the high will likely be minus 13 the latter day, the NWS said.

Milwaukee and Madison also face bone-chilling cold.

"Wind chills. should be the coldest since the mid-1990s in parts of the eastern Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and northern IL", tweeted the National Weather Service.

It will get increasingly colder as the day goes on, she said. It is VERY important that you are dressing warm and limiting time outdoors as temperatures and wind chill will be dangerously cold. With a polar vortex hitting the Midwest, wind chills could dip to 55 degrees below zero in northern IL. Extreme Cold Warnings are likely to linger around southern Manitoba and most of the province until much closer to the weekend.

The U.S. Midwest and Northeast were braced for unsafe subzero temperatures this week, as the polar vortex was set to blast arctic conditions unusually far south, the National Weather Service said on Monday.

The entirety of Minnesota and Wisconsin and much of northern IL is expected to remain below zero for all of Wednesday.

One of the coldest days in Chicago history came in January 1994, when the mercury only rose to minus 11-degrees.

Bitter cold is forecast to impact the Upper Midwest by Wednesday and Thursday. Lows Wednesday night will fall into the -20s and maybe even -30 in spots.

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