Trump Signs Temporary Spending Bill To Fund Three Weeks of Federal Government

Trump Signs Temporary Spending Bill To Fund Three Weeks of Federal Government

Sherrod Brown said Trump chose to do his job "35 days too late, after inflicting a world of unnecessary pain on workers across the country - all for a border wall he promised Mexico would pay for".

With the shutdown ending, the question arises whether Trump will be re-invited to deliver his State of the Union address in Congress next Tuesday.

In Congress, the poll shows House Democrats garner majority support from fellow partisans and independents for investigating possible collusion with Russian Federation in 2016, as well as suspected financial ties between Trump and foreign governments.

On Saturday, the president tweeted that "negotiations with Democrats will start immediately". Political pressure mounted, as polls showed Americans blamed Trump for the shutdown.

And when he ultimately did just that, they feared the messaging war had already been lost.

Holmes County GOP Rep. Some in the White House, including the president's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, had been hoping to strike a wide-ranging immigration compromise as part of the talks to reopen the government, a prospect that few on Capitol Hill believed was realistic.

The strategic deficit was only magnified by what allies saw as tactical errors. The White House later confirmed Trump had signed it into law.

Finally, asked if special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has given them more doubts about Trump's presidency or not, 45 percent of Americans said yes, while 48 percent said no. He maintained he was proud of shutting down the government and then tried to pin the blame on Democrats. "We will build the Wall!" It was emblematic of the dysfunctional White House culture he has fostered and the challenges that have been manifest on decisions big and small for two years.

While the border wall funding fight will continue, the temporary spending measures did kick in $1.3 billion for security measures at the border that don't have to do with the border wall Trump proposes.

Media captionOther presidents got money for a border barrier - why not Trump?

Some 57 percent of respondents who consider themselves very conservative said they backed Trump, while 28 percent of those who consider themselves somewhat conservative said the same.

But in his quest to appease his base, the president tarnished his standing with the American public.

The Post-ABC poll finds that Trump's overall popularity has weakened, with 37 percent of the public approving of his job performance and 58 percent disapproving.

"Republicans were being blamed much more for the shutdown than Democrats and that led many Senate Republicans to push for a resolution".

The impasse was an early test for Pelosi after her return to the speakership, one that she appeared to pass handily.

Trump has for two years promised his supporters a wall to stop the tide of illegal immigration coming from the USA southern border.

"After 36 days of spirited debate and dialogue, I have seen and heard from enough Democrats and Republicans that they are willing to put partisanship aside, I think", Trump said.

Trump earlier had been among the first to say Pelosi earned her position. "No, I have been very clear on the wall", Pelosi told reporters at a joint news conference with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., after the deal was announced.

Trump, characteristically, refused to concede that he'd conceded.

Utahns' views differ from those of most Americans, as reflected in national polls showing a clear majority point the finger at Trump - who last month had proudly declared the shutdown would be his to own, and whose support has been dropping.

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