Brexit: Military reservists on standby in event of no deal

Brexit: Military reservists on standby in event of no deal

Mr Mundell told Good Morning Scotland the Prime Minister was willing to discuss "anything" in talks with other parties, but they would "not be a cover for trying to stop Brexit". Britain says European Union citizens will be able to stay temporarily despite a no-deal Brexit.

"The government confirmed that she would not take 'no-deal'off the table", Corbyn said in a speech in the English town of Hastings, scene of a battle in 1066 that ushered in the Norman conquest of England.

Ms McVey said she and her fellow Brexit MPs "are fighting hard, fighting hard for you, and will not rest as a minority in parliament until you get what you voted for".

"It is higher than in any post-1945 election, except for 1997", he said.

She said her party now needed to "listen to its members and voters" and "follow its democratically-agreed conference policy of campaigning for a new public vote".

'A no-deal scenario should be ruled out immediately by the Prime Minister, to avoid this chaos.

But Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the main opposition Labour party, called the talks a "stunt" and refused to meet May until she ruled out the possibility of Britain crashing out without any future arrangements in place.

The French government will hire almost 600 extra customs officers and veterinary inspectors and invest in new infrastructure at airports and ports, all to be in working order by March 30. Germany is fast-tracking a debate on solving bureaucratic problems if there is no Brexit deal.

"In such a situation, the government's responsibility is to make sure the country is ready, that the interests of our citizens are looked after".

The three automakers export finished vehicles to the European Union, where they procure auto parts for supply to their United Kingdom plants.

Addressing an an audience of Leave Means Leave campaigners in London on Thursday evening Mr Farage, ex-Work and Pensions Secretary Ms McVey, and Wetherspoon's boss Mr Martin appeared alongside former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, Labour MP Kate Hoey and hotelier Sir Rocco Forte to demand Brexit be pushed through.

Honda plans to suspend production at its plant in southern England for six days in late April to prepare for a possible delay in parts supply, apparently in consideration of the Brexit deadline at the end of March.

"I've written to the Prime Minister overnight and said that what has to happen is there has to be an agreement that we can have discussions about extending Article 50, about taking no deal off the table, and about having a People's Vote". The company that operates the Eurotunnel says a quarter of all U.K. -EU trade passes through the tunnel, which could be a major chokepoint in a no-deal Brexit.

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