Bipartisan group of senators want Trump to reopen government

Bipartisan group of senators want Trump to reopen government

He called Pelosi's trip a "public relations event". Indeed, he praised the bill for including what he called "the most aggressive border security plan in our history" and said that "the Senate bill is consistent with the key principles for commonsense reform that I - and many others - have repeatedly laid out".

"She's talking about canceling the State of the Union - this is not somebody who's feeling any pressure", Johnson said.

Views on how serious of an issue the shutdown, now the longest in US history, is were also split along partisan lines, with 79 percent of Democrats considering it a "very serious" issue, compared to 35 percent of Republicans.

In a notice to staff, the department said it can pay most of its employees beginning Sunday or Monday for their next pay period. "I don't think that's going to go over very well with the American people".

New lawmakers who attended a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House say the conversation was respectful, but none could name progress the talks made toward reopening shuttered government agencies.

The House passed the measure by voice vote.

House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey said the bill would help families and communities recover from disasters while reopening the government. Chris Coons of DE are leading a renewed effort to persuade Trump to let the government reopen for three weeks in return for a commitment from lawmakers to try to address his concerns about border security in that period.

Pelosi is refusing money for the wall she views as ineffective and immoral; Democrats say they will discuss border security once the government has reopened.

The US government shutdown continues, leaving 800,000 federal employees forced to take a leave of absence or working without pay.

U.S. Rep. Anthony J. Brindisi, D-22, Utica, was among seven Democrats in the bi-partisan Problem Solvers congressional caucus to meet Wednesday with President Donald Trump regarding to partial federal-government shutdown.

According to an analysis from S&P Global Ratings, the shutdown will cost the economy more than the $5.7 billion Trump is demanding within less than two weeks.

Democrats are so far keeping a united front against the White House, which is actively trying to peel off more moderate Democratic members in order to put pressure on Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY.

"The fact is, a wall is an immorality". Democrats have been largely unified in opposition to the wall, which Trump is insisting on funding as a condition of reopening the government.

She added: "This is a continuation of government issue that we have the proper security for such an event".

The shutdown is the longest ever, entering its 27th day Thursday.

The speaker's trip was a closely held secret, and a source familiar with the situation stressed that it is irresponsible and reckless for Mr. Trump to tell the world Pelosi was headed to a war zone - particularly since the president was just in Iraq and saw how much care had to be taken to keep the trip secret and secure. "It would be completely inappropriate for President Trump to further deplete the agency's resources and manpower for the sole objective of having an hour of uninterrupted prime time television coverage", he said.

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