Teen crashes auto after driving blindfolded for Bird Box challenge

Teen crashes auto after driving blindfolded for Bird Box challenge

The "Bird Box Challenge" refers to a popular movie starring Sandra Bullock that was released on Netflix.

The 17-year-old girl's auto drifted into oncoming traffic shortly after she pulled her hat down over her eyes while driving on a Layton highway Monday afternoon, hitting a vehicle, a utility pole and, finally, a sound wall.

Miraculously, no one was injured. After getting some additional information about the crash, police re-interviewed the teens a few days later, which was when they revealed the crash had been caused by the "Bird Box" Challenge.

The driver then lost control and slid into the westbound lane, striking a white passenger auto and a light pole near 675 Layton Parkway, Lyman said.

"Luckily nobody was hurt but there was quite a bit of damage", he said.

Authorities are asking the city attorney to charge the teen girl with misdemeanor reckless driving, the Standard-Examiner reported.

The unlikely craze saw Netflix warn the public not to copy the characters and embark on the challenge. They reportedly called out the Bird Box Challenge specifically.

The 17-year-old girl was said to have had a 16-year-old male passenger in the truck with her.

The "Bird Box" Challenge involves people blindfolding themselves while doing everyday tasks.

But the stakes behind the real-world version are far less urgent, nearly guaranteeing the likelihood that blindfolding yourself and trying to do things - especially around other people - will leave you (or them) in worse shape than before you started.

"I nearly feel silly saying this", said Layton Police Lieutenant Travis Lyman.

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