Apple to release three new iPhones amid struggling sales

Apple to release three new iPhones amid struggling sales

And the word on the street is that the Cupertino, California based company is planning to launch three new iPhone models this year.

Despite reports that there's some trouble in Apple's iPhone division, the tech giant is planning three new handsets this year, according to a new report. That's sure to be the iPhone 11 Max, or whatever Apple's biggest 2019 phone launches as.

Meanwhile, the revised guidance also prompted several Chinese retailers including and Alibaba-owned Suning to slash iPhone prices in the country.

However, WSJ did not mention anything about the 3D camera making it to the new iPhone.

The flagship iPhone product earns Apple about two-thirds of its revenue.

However, it looks set to keep an LCD model in its iPhone lineup for now, with the WSJ noting that Apple's project planning has progressed to a point where major features, like the display, can not be easily changed. The latter will effectively replace the iPhone XR.

It is considering a triple-lens camera design for its most expensive new smartphone, while the cheaper model could benefit from a rear dual-lens camera system. The camera setup will be a change for the iPhone XR successor as the existing model has a single camera on the back. The company plans to add a triple-camera setup to the high-end iPhone XS Max successor, with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR successors featuring a dual-camera setup.

And in 2020, the Journal wrote, the company's entire lineup could have organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, displays, which are considered a step up from liquid crystal displays. It'll reportedly sell the 64GB iPhone 8 for 3,899 yuan ($578/£450/AU$800), compared to the 5,099 yuan ($756/£590AU$1,045) Apple price. The iPhone has the distinction of being among the most mobile devices in the market right now and that puts it out of reach to a lot of buyers.

Similar discounts were spotted for other models.

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