Clark County close to active flu season

Clark County close to active flu season

Health officials in Oklahoma County say a local resident had died from the flu. That year, Clark County didn't enter active flu season until the end of January, and stayed above the 10 percent threshold until spring.

Younger people have been killed by flu-related complications in the B.C. Interior during a particularly bad flu season this year.

But it is understood that the number of cases has not been as widespread as previous years.

"Viral season has begun in Wisconsin and we want to implement this restriction in advance of any increase of viral illnesses in our community", the announcement read. There have been three flu-related deaths this season, the victims were 63, 75 and 91 years old. Persons who already have the flu can help prevent the spread of the illness by staying home and allowing time to recover, covering their mouths and not sharing drinks. While Mema says it's close to being the peak of the flu season, it can stick around well into March. "Although that was, thankfully, unique, we want never to see it repeated".

H1N1 has been the most common strain of the virus seen so far this season, which experts anticipate will be milder than last year's strain.

Regular hand washing, getting the flu shot, and sneezing into your arm rather than your hand are important preventive measures. Talk with your health care provider if you have concerns about getting the flu vaccine. In order to get the vaccine on the market in time, scientists have to predict the strains months in advance.

FLU-v is a broad spectrum influenza vaccine that targets regions in the influenza virus that are conserved among many different influenza strains.

Arnold Monto, professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, has been studying the spread of the flu virus and the effectiveness of vaccines and antiviral medications for more than five decades.

The 2017-18 flu season was one of the worst in the US, according to the CDC.

Public Health won't consider the flu season to be active until that threshold has been crossed for two straight weeks. MA has had about 2,200 confirmed influenza cases through the first week of January this season, according to MA state data. An estimated 960,000 people were hospitalized and an estimated 79,000 died due to flu complications during the 2017-2018 flu season.

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