Heathrow airport says flights have resumed after drone disruption

Heathrow airport says flights have resumed after drone disruption

"As a precautionary measure, Heathrow Airport has stopped departures and officers based at Heathrow are now investigating the reports with colleagues from airport".

'As a precautionary measure, we have stopped departures while we investigate.

An aerial view of London Heathrow Airport in 2016.

The suspension - which lasted around an hour - at London Heathrow Airport on Tuesday came as police have still not yet found the person or persons responsible for flying drones around Gatwick Airport in late December.

This incident comes after operations at Gatwick Airport, about 30 miles southeast of Heathrow, were brought to a screeching halt amid the busy Christmas travel season because of drone sightings there.

Transport Minister Chris Grayling had been in contact with the airport concerning the drone sighting.

"The control tower has no idea when will be allowed to depart. - at Heathrow Airport".

Speaking to the BBC, a Heathrow spokesperson said the airport's administration were working with the police to "prevent any threat to operational safety".

Arriving planes, however, are continuing to land at Heathrow.

"I have already spoken to both the Home Secretary and Defense Secretary and the military are preparing to deploy the equipment used at Gatwick at Heathrow quickly, should it prove necessary", he said.

Another said: "Sitting in a flight, doors closed at @HeathrowAirport T5 only to have the pilot announce that we are now on a long queue of aircrafts waiting to take off due to some #drone activity in the airport".

The British government yesterday expanded drone-free exclusion zones around British airports from their previous 1km limit, to about 5km.

Locals now get half a day's respite from noise when take-offs and landings switch to the opposite runway at 3pm, but Hacan claims this would be reduced to one third of a day.

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