Floyd Mayweather was not messing about in his bonkers exhibition bout

Floyd Mayweather was not messing about in his bonkers exhibition bout

Floyd "Money" Mayweather beat Japanese kickboxing phenomenon Tenshin Nasukawa by a technical knockout on Monday (Dec 31) after just two minutes of a New Year's Eve "exhibition" bout that brought the USA boxing superstar out of retirement for a big pay day.

Mayweather set the rules for the boxing-only fight, which included a $5 million fine if Nasukawa aimed a kick at him.

Nasukawa, who is undefeated as a kickboxer, is a huge star in Japan.

The bout doesn't count on Mayweather's unblemished boxing record (50-0, 27 KOs).

So, when Mayweather was approached for a post-fight interview, the often-controversial fighter had the flawless opportunity to brag about his performance.

Floyd Mayweather made it look easy in today's RIZIN 14 headliner against Tenshin Nasukawa, getting his man out of there in the first-round. After Nasukawa was knocked down for the third time, Nasukawa's corner threw in the towel to put a halt to the contest. "This don't go on our record", Mayweather announced to the crowd in Tokyo. "But, you know, I did this just to entertain the fans in Japan". Tenshin is still undefeated.

After all, if he can make millions for not training seriously, showing up late to the arena and going through the motions of fighting for a couple of minutes, take the money - if anyone would actually pay for another one of these farces.

"I want to say thank you". "Would you do the same if you were me?" The Japanese crowd were well behind their fighter as the two boxers entered the ring but that was as good as things got for the home crowd.

He has gone 27-0, including 20 knockouts, as a featherweight kickboxer and 4-0 in MMA matches (two KOs, one submission). Mayweather was gracious in victory, hugging the weeping Nasukawa and calling him "still a great champion".

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