Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Cast, Director, Synopsis Leaked

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Cast, Director, Synopsis Leaked

Ah Black Mirror, never change. "This isn't your mamma's (or teen boys") retro trip. After all, it's the ideal setting and story for it. But there are also multiple variations of each ending, so chances are slim of you getting the exact same story as another viewer. Two options pop up at the bottom of the screen, and the viewer has to pick which one to pursue. David Slade directs a cast that includes Will Poulter from We're the Millers, Fionn Whitehead from Dunkirk and Asim Chaudhry, from People Just Do Nothing.

Bandersnatch is released tomorrow, December 28th. However, if you've been following our coverage, you know that it may also be something more than that. "Going down various branches opens up other potentials, so you may not reach certain things depending on the decisions you make".

According to Netflix, there are more than a trillion different unique "permutations" of the content - "given the number of choices, the unique number of variations (or permutations) are more than a trillion".

Is this Charlie Brooker admitting that by falling in with the Netflix empire and creating a choose your own story TV show, he's gone through his own Black Mirror?

If you think Netflix was done with 2018, we have some news for you. Netflix has released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch just a day after premiering the trailer. Netflix has expressed interest in doing so with an adult property in the past, and Black Mirror seemed like the best candidate. "If it wasn't interactive, you'd just watch and probably be appalled and anxious and frightened for him in that moment".

There's been a fair bit of speculation surrounding Bandersnatch which already has a landing page on Netflix billing it as a Netflix film and with a tagline that reads "Be Right Back".

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