Vladimir Putin says Russian rap music "should be taken over" by government

Vladimir Putin says Russian rap music

He told the audience the risks were "the collapse of the global system of arms control, of moving away from an arms race after the United States withdrew from the relevant treaty, that was the cornerstone when it comes to non-proliferation and putting an end to an arms race".

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said the West was threatened by an increasingly powerful Russian Federation, as he promised further economic growth during an end-of-year press conference. The president was today addressing 1,700 reporters at an exhibition centre in Moscow during his marathon annual press conference.

"The danger of the situation escalating is being downplayed", he said in response to a question about fears of nuclear war.

"We are now observing the collapse of the worldwide system for containing weapons", Putin said.

"Of course other countries don't possess such systems but they are gong to develop such systems and this does provide us with a certain advantage".

Putin has rejected the US claim that Russian Federation violated the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty by developing a new cruise missile.

Putin underscored a growing confrontation with the US over its move to pull out of a landmark 1987 arms control treaty.

Since we can’t stop rap music, let govt take control of it —Putin

"For humanity in general this is a bad thing, because it leads us to a very risky verge, there is a trend to lower this threshold of actually using those weapons".

He said Russian Federation was not "striving to have an advantage" over the USA in terms of nucelar capabilities but to ensure "safety". If these missiles appear in Europe what should we do?

If the United States withdraws, "let them complain about us achieving some kind of advantage", Putin said. "Lowering the threshold could lead to a global nuclear catastrophe".

Russian Federation claims the missile has not been tested within the banned range. He warned of a "nuclear catastrophe" if the US stations new missiles in Europe. "We're maintaining balance, ensuring our security".

Putin said the economy grew 1.7% over the first 10 months of the year, roughly in line with predictions, while unemployment was down.

Russian Federation said on Wednesday it would not let the United States inspect a new nuclear-capable cruise missile at the heart of a dispute between Washington and Moscow that risks unravelling a landmark arms control treaty.

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