Chris Dawson: Arrest in podcast-highlighted Australian mystery

Chris Dawson: Arrest in podcast-highlighted Australian mystery

Chris Dawson was arrested in the 1982 disappearance of his wife Lynette Dawson.

Detectives in September dug up the backyard at the Bayview home the couple shared in the early 1980s but did not find remains or items of interest.

Mr Dawson told Lynette's family that she needed time away, and he did not report her missing to police for nearly six weeks.

'That information enabled New South Wales Police to get an arrest warrant for a 70-year-old man now living in Queensland, ' Fuller said.

Mr Dawson is due to appear in Paramatta Local Court on Thursday.

"She was trying to prepare herself but nothing prepares you for this", McNally said.

He said two witness statements in particular helped piece the evidence together.

"We spoke to the family of Lynette Dawson this morning, who were certainly relieved to hear this result and from their perspective, they have asked for some patience in terms of their confidentiality in going forward", he said.

Dawson's disappearance has remained unsolved for 37 years. It's expected he will be charged with her murder.

He was refused bail and extradition to NSW was granted.

"It's taken a long haul but it's going to be a very good Christmas for our side of the family knowing that we've finally got somewhere", he said.

Earlier this year, the case was taken up by a podcast, The Teacher's Pet, which painstakingly reviewed the evidence, re-interviewed witnesses, and raised allegations that.

"I'm the happiest man alive today, and if Lynette is up there looking down, she'd be smiling at us", he told News Corp Australia.

As fans of the podcast will know, her husband Chris, a former rugby player and PE teacher at a local high school has always been suspected of involvement.

The magistrate said the crown alleged domestic violence allegations against Mr Dawson would be raised in evidence, as well as evidence from the woman involved in the affair - Mr Dawson's former student Joanne Curtis.

One 16-year-old girl moved in to the family home within days of Mrs Dawson's disappearance. Her husband reported her missing six weeks later. Meanwhile, Chris continued to deny he was involved in the disappearance and likely death of his wife.

On Wednesday, Lyn Dawson's niece Renee Sims tells Chris Smith the arrest is "incredible news".

"We have no doubt whatsoever that Chris will be found not guilty as he is innocent".

"There was additional evidence that was identified and that has seen the DPP make a positive decision in prosecuting an individual for the murder of Lynette Dawson", Mr Fuller said.

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