7.0 magnitude quake rocks Anchorage

7.0 magnitude quake rocks Anchorage

A 7.0 natural disaster struck near Anchorage, Alaska, on Friday (November 30) morning, which crumbled roads, damaged buildings, and sent residents running for cover.

Measured as a magnitude 7.0 quake by the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake hit at 8:29 a.m. local time, with the epicenter just 10 miles from the city of almost 300,000 residents. People ran from their offices or took cover under desks.

There were reports of damage done to a high school in Anchorage (as seen below).

While damage assessments are underway, seismologist Lucy Jones said Alaskans can expected to be impacted for awhile.

A ramp from International Airport Road to Minnesota Drive was damaged in an quake on Friday.

She also posted a photograph showing the damage to one of the rooms on campus, which was littered with ceiling tiles that had fallen down.

Parts of Alaska near Anchorage were temporarily under a tsunami warning after being hit with a 7.0 magnitude natural disaster. Police are urging residents to head to higher ground.

The operators of the 800-mile long trans-Alaska pipeline said they shut the system down as a precaution following the quake in southcentral Alaska. The main quake was followed by aftershocks in the range of magnitude 4 to 5.8.

A 7.0 magnitude quake rocked Anchorage Friday morning, with reports of "major infrastructure damage" shortly afterward.

"It was anarchy", Brandon Slaton, a new resident of Kenai, told the Associated Press.

Around 300,000 people live in Anchorage with 100,000 in the surrounding area. "Everything that's not tied down broke".

Alaska averages 40,000 earthquakes per year, with more large quakes than the 49 other states combined. You have been hit hard by a 'big one, ' " President Trump said on Twitter.

Southern Alaska has a high risk of earthquakes due to tectonic plates sliding past each other under the region.

Anchorage was severely damaged in March 1964 by the Great Alaska Earthquake, a 9.2-magnitude quake with its epicenter about 75 miles east of the city.

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