He's moo-sive! Giant Aussie steer named Knickers leaves world gobsmacked

He's moo-sive! Giant Aussie steer named Knickers leaves world gobsmacked

The 7-year-old stands at a whopping 194 centimeters (76 inches) tall - nearly as tall as National Basketball Association legend Michael Jordan - and weighs 1.4 tonnes (3,086 pounds), its owner says.

To put his size in perspective, a fully-mature Holstein-Friesian cow weighs about 1,500 pounds and stands at four feet eight inches tall at the shoulder, according to The Cattle Site.

A Holstein-Friesian steer in Australia is drawing attention for it's enormous size.

"He was unable to fit into the supply chain so Knickers lives on", he said.

Despite Knickers' size, he still fell short of making it into the Guinness World Records.

Knickers is technically a steer - which is a castrated male bovine.

In this image made from video taken Nov. 15 2018 Knickers the steer center is in paddock with cow herd
in Lake Preston Australia. A enormous steer in the state of Western Australia has avoided the abattoirs by being too big. The 194 centimeters-tal

Mr Pearson said his herd of 20,000 had a high turnover and all the steers Knickers started with were sold or sent to the abattoir at least three years ago, but he would stick around for the rest of his days. I wouldn't be able to put it through a processing facility.

U.S. model Chrissy Teigen was among those tweeting about Knickers after reading about him on a plane. So his name was bra ... so we (had) bra and knickers.

Australia's own Big Moo, a South Australian Guernsey steer, was previously thought to be the biggest in Australia but he was 4 centimetres shy of Knickers' imposing stature.

'The other cattle look up to him, wherever he goes they go.

He is actually too big to be slaughtered.

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