Amazon workers in Europe protest 'inhuman' working conditions

Amazon workers in Europe protest 'inhuman' working conditions

Just in time for the online retailer's Black Friday bonanza, Amazon warehouse employees across Europe went on strike or are staging protests today. Facebook and Twitter is replete with images with Amazon workers holding placards that read "Jeff Bezos, you're the richest man". About 620 Amazon workers in Germany, as well as others in Spain and the United Kingdom, staged walkouts and strikes on November 23.

Employees at Amazon's San Fernando de Henares facility near Madrid have been demanding better wages and work conditions for months and have already staged several strikes this year.

Amazon on Friday found itself swatting down reports that it tried to recruit local police to put down a Black Friday strike in Spain. But Amazon claims the work sites are logistics centers and pay well for that sector, The Associated Press reported.

Still, a group of Somali workers at Amazon's Shakopee, Minnesota, fulfillment center plan to protest December 14 following issues over workplace conditions and religious accommodations.

"It is one of the days that Amazon has most sales, and these are days when we can hurt more and make ourselves be heard because the company has not listened to us and does not want to reach any agreement", said Hernandez, who has worked for five years at Amazon. They allege that the world's biggest online retail company is treating them like "robots" and not humans.

In a video from the union targeting Bezos, workers also declared in multiple languages, "We are not robots".

Thousands of Amazon employees are on strike across europe, they claim that the company isnt treating them well, with reports stating the managers sometimes have to pack boxes to meet the demand. These are people making Amazon its money.

The Union also said that Amazon had not responded to a joint plea that was backed by a shadow minister, to take steps to reduce the hundreds of ambulance calls that are made from its warehouses. "That's what we're campaigning for", Roache continues.

"We believe in continuous improvement across our network and maintain an open and direct dialogue with our associates", a spokeswoman said in a statement.

"We are entering the end of year spurt, the most stressful time for employees", said Mechthild Middeke, a spokesperson for Verdi.

Amazon Germany said its jobs offered competitive pay and comprehensive benefits from the first day of employment.

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