Fans call Diablo Immortal Game Franchise A Slap In The Face

Fans call Diablo Immortal Game Franchise A Slap In The Face

"We are very proud that Blizzard Entertainment has chosen us to help bring one of their largest game franchises to mobile", said Mr. William Ding, Chief Executive Officer and Director of NetEase.

Blizzard disappointed many by not announcing a core Diablo game at BlizzCon 2018 over the weekend, so fans are making one more joke at the studio's expense. But fans have been asking for a new entry for years now, and Blizzard said they had multiple projects in the works many times before.

While Blizzard announced some excellent news for a number of its titles at the event, including the 29th hero for Overwatch, it's the Diablo Immortal announcement that left fans bitter and upset.

A lot of fans don't seem to believe any of this though and have accused Blizzard of trying to deflect attention away from the unpopular Diablo Immortal announcement.

Reddit is the main avenue for video game aficionados to gripe about perceived wrongs, and that's where many "Diablo" fans are venting their frustration.

According to the announcement, it looks like the game will receive an updated ladder system that will help matchmaking in competitive play as well as an updated map editor. Blizzard changed its BlizzCon plans for Diablo at some point in the last couple of weeks, those people familiar with goings-on at Blizzard said.

The conclusion that we can draw from this is that Blizzard messed up in their presentation. However, a new report suggests that Blizzard had, at one point, meant to close with word on Diablo 4. "We had originally reported that it was planned for BlizzCon, but it's possible that those plans were simply discussed and never solidified".

"[Diablo: Immortal] was created from the ground up - from the initial get-go [our intention] was to create that Diablo experience on mobile".

"We expect Activision Blizzard to outpace its peers with its in-game monetization, and expect dramatic growth in its mobile business as it launches new titles based upon its successful PC and console games", Wedbush wrote. The company's online gaming service, Blizzard®, is one of the largest online-gaming services in the world, with millions of active players. The trailer's debut has left mixed responses throughout the community on social media, with some folks going as far as to say that they're done with the Diablo franchise as a whole, or even calling their trip to BlizzCon a "waste" over Immortal's announcement.

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