Barbra Streisand Takes the Wheel for Carpool Karaoke

Barbra Streisand Takes the Wheel for Carpool Karaoke

Barbra Streisand hopped on board for a trip with James Corden in the latest Carpool Karaoke episode, and it's rather hilarious.

After picking Corden up from the side of the road after his vehicle has been booted for unpaid tickets, Streisand admits that she's had to retake her driving test a few times recently because she was unable to pass her renewal test. Whoops!

Streisand also humble-bragged about her powerful tech friends. "If this is how I go out, I'll take it".

In between random bursts of song, Streisand also revealed that she still feels nervous before stepping onto the stage and uses the motto "let go and let God" to calm herself down.

Streisand never mentions the president by name, but she doesn't have to.

In fact, Streisand confessed, she had stopped performing for 27 years because her anxiety was too intense.

"I've been driving for a long time, but I haven't driven recently because my mind is twirling and sometimes - well, not anymore on the phone, but it used to be", she said. "So what's a better way to change my name than by speaking to Apple?" Instead of Corden in the driver's seat, as per usual, it's the Academy Award-winning actress-singer at the wheel. "Is that possible?'" she said.

"I once called Steve Jobs when I couldn't figure out something on my computer", she said of the late Apple CEO. We were prepared to start late, but everything ran on time. "The only thing I can do is write about it and tweet, people deserve the truth".

Hey, DMV! Don't rain on Barbra Streisand's parade with your "driving tests".

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