Special counsel Mueller's team asks Federal Bureau of Investigation to probe 'false claims' against him

Special counsel Mueller's team asks Federal Bureau of Investigation to probe 'false claims' against him

The office of Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller has notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation about an alleged scheme in which a woman was offered payment to make false sexual misconduct charges against Mueller. The tale is a convoluted one, and it involves one of Mueller's most vocal critics on the right, a self-identified lobbyist named Jack Burkman, reports CNBC.

Special counsel Robert Mueller last week asked the FBI to investigate a possible scam in which a woman would make false claims that he had sexually assaulted her, after several political reporters were contacted about doing a story on the alleged assault.

The woman claims the calls she received were from a man who said he represented known right-wing conspiracy peddler Jack Burkman, according to a report in The Atlantic.

Law&Crime reported earlier on Tuesday that unknown figures were apparently trying to smear Mueller with the accusations based on a tweet thread by independent investigative journalist Scott Stedman.

The office of the special counsel said it recently found out about allegations in which women were offered money to say that Mueller had harassed them.

After the news of the FBI's investigation broke, Burkman reiterated the claims of paying a woman were false.

Within minutes of Carr's statement, Burkman posted a video on Facebook revealing he plans to host a news conference in Arlington, Va., on Thursday focused on "the first of the sex assault victims of Robert Mueller".

According to Bertrand, the special counsel's office became aware of the offer after "several journalists" were contacted by a woman claiming she was offered $20,000 "to make accusations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment against Robert Mueller".

Burkman also reportedly was attacked by a man he hired to conduct that investigation, as The Washington Post reported.

The woman - who has since been unreachable - said that the person who contacted her claimed to work for Burkman, the Hill Reporter said.

She told reporters she had worked with Mueller, who previously served as FBI Director, as a paralegal at the law firm of Pillsbury, Madison, and Sutro n 1974.

Researcher Aric Toler of the open-source reporting website Bellingcat established that the "employees" of the "intelligence agency" listed on LinkedIn include photos of models from commercially available stock photos or, in at least one case, the actor Christoph Waltz.

What have Wohl and Burkman said?

. "It looks like they DON'T EVEN EXIST".

The special counsel office broke its usual silence on Tuesday to confirm to USA media it had been made aware of the saga. He suggested that Russian hit men killed Seth Rich, a 27-year-old Democratic National Committee aide, during the 2016 presidential campaign and that someone tried to kill him while investigating Rich's death.

Trump denies any collusion and has repeatedly described Mueller's probe as a partisan "witch hunt".

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