John Cena won't take part in WWE's Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

John Cena won't take part in WWE's Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

However, WWE will have to make few amendments to Tuesday's episode of SmackDown as Bryan and Styles were set to go nose-to-nose in a traditional pre-fight staredown. Bobby Lashley was put in his place in a storyline twist on WWE's Monday Night Raw program this week, a "favor" to Lashley by the acting G.M. Baron Corbin as a way of thanking him for beating up Finn Balor, a nemesis of Corbin.

Joe returned to action tonight in Atlanta after Styles retained his title over Daniel Bryan in tonight's WWE SmackDown opener. WWE has faced wide condemnation for not cancelling the event, including pressure from multiple United States senators.

The event is facing backlash following the murder of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in early October, and has already lost WWE superstar John Cena.

AJ Styles opened the show and called out his opponent Daniel Bryan and yada yada yada they opted to have their title match right then and there.

While the company said in a statement that it had been a "very hard decision", it pointed to a 20-year relationship with fans in the region. Cena performed there, fighting Triple H and telling the crowd it was "an honor and a privilege" to be there.

'Similar to other USA -based companies who plan to continue operations in Saudi Arabia, the Company has made a decision to uphold its contractual obligations to the General Sports Authority and stage the event. "Regardless of what is going on in my universe, I was not going to miss this event for anything in the world".

Wrestlers with less accumulated main event six-figure paydays or who are shakier ground with their clout with top management might have feared ramifications if they protested rather than trusting WWE management's decision. I want to send a genuine thank you to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. for its unmatched hospitality that extends far beyond this evening. We don't know what he will be doing on the show but WWE sources have told us that he is unlikely to ever wrestle a full-match again due to his back issues.

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