Facebook Reveals Biggest Political Spenders In The Run-Up To Midterm Elections

Facebook Reveals Biggest Political Spenders In The Run-Up To Midterm Elections

But O'Rourke's opponent, Republican Sen. The social-media company has been running a campaign totaling $12.5 million worth of ads on Facebook and Instagram, seeking to convince the public that it's addressing big issues - such as misinformation and election interference.

McElrath had to toggle all the way back through more than 16 pages to undo the Ted Cruz selection manually and change it to a vote for Beto O'Rourke, she said, and then she had to toggle through more than 16 pages to reach the final review page, which correctly showed a vote for the Democrat candidate. Ted Cruz, has spent just over $400,000 on Facebook ads in the same period - less than 10% of O'Rourke's expenditure.

ExxonMobil has spent more than Dollars 2.1 million since May for ads that have promoted offshore drilling.

Ben & Jerry's, a part of Unilever, has spent more than $401 000 since May on various ads, including one supporting a Florida ballot measure that would let felons vote.

What is interesting is that the report will also highlight the amount spent by each political party or individual, along with the number of ads they have run in a given week.

Donald J. Trump, who repeatedly has accused the social media giant of liberal bias, spent almost $5 million on more than 100,000 ads purchased through his Make America Great Again Committee and his Trump for President organization.

In a blog post, Facebook product manager, Arti Kulkarni said, "We're introducing the Ad Archive Report for ads in the United States related to politics and issues of national importance".

An Ad Archive Report launched online gave data including quantities of advertisements and how much money was spent.

The company now requires political and issue-based ad buyers to provide picture ID and Social Security information.

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