Donald Trump Tweet Features Nod To Mail Bomb Conspiracy Theory

Donald Trump Tweet Features Nod To Mail Bomb Conspiracy Theory

"There's something more powerful than bombs", he said, "and that's your vote".

The packages were "clearly an effort to terrorize people politically, to choose people for political purposes and attack them due to their beliefs", New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Public records showed numerous arrests over the years for domestic violence, theft and other charges, including the alleged bomb threat against a utility company.

CNN, the Associated Press, and CBS News have all confirmed through law enforcement forces that one person has been arrested in connection with the suspicious packages. She was at a campaign event.

He was arrested at an auto parts store. However, authorities have secured and towed the suspect's white van, which was filled with political stickers on the windows.

The packages were in manila envelopes with bubble-wrap interior, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said, and each package had six American flag Forever stamps on the envelope. The intended recipients for the packages included former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, New Jersey Sen. As in comments earlier in the week, he did not mention that the package recipients were all Democrats or officials in Obama's administration, in addition to CNN, a news network he criticizes nearly daily.

Clapper said on CNN Friday morning he was not surprised he was targeted and said the incidents were "serious". It was found at a mail sorting facility in NY, the official said.

On Friday, shortly before news of the arrest broke, he complained that the packages were slowing momentum for his Republican Party ahead of the November 6 elections, remarks that enraged his opponents.

Double Oscar victor and biting Trump critic De Niro on Friday urged people to vote in the November 6 elections, one day after a device was discovered at the Manhattan offices of his production company.

"I thank God no one's been hurt, and I thank the courageous and resourceful security and law enforcement people for protecting us", De Niro said in a statement.

Meanwhile, a local police bomb squad and canine units joined federal investigators on Thursday to examine a sprawling United States mail distribution center at Opa-Locka, northwest of Miami, Miami-Dade County police said.

"Some of the packages went through the mail". She said they were an attempt to "undermine our democracy", and added: "I am confident the person will be brought to justice, absolutely".

That activism has made Mr Soros the frequent target of Mr Trump's incendiary rhetoric. They included former president Barack Obama, ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Obama's attorney general Eric Holder, former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan and California Representative Waters, who received two packages.

The FBI has said that at least five of the packages bore a return address for the Florida office of U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who formerly chaired the Democratic National Committee.

Former CIA director John Brennan, who was the addressee of the pipe bomb sent to CNN, on Thursday assailed Trump for attacking the media. An earlier package had been sent to former Obama CIA Director John Brennan via CNN in NY.

Trump's use of sarcasm quotes around "bomb" appeared to be an allusion to skepticism voiced by some former investigators and explosives specialists about the devices.

A suspected explosive device was sent to double Oscar-winner De Niro at his Tribeca Productions company in NY.

The devices found so far, which officials have described as pipe bombs, have put many in the country on edge, and authorities have begun an intensive effort to find other explosives that may still be out in the postal system.

The presence of what was believed to be pyrotechnic powder caused investigators to believe they could detonate, but it appeared the packages were handled and moved through the postal system without an explosion. Bomb experts and security analysts say based on their rudimentary construction it appeared they were probably created to sow fear than kill. Nor would they say why the packages hadn't detonated, but they stressed they were still treating them as "live devices".

Trump condemned the bombs on Wednesday before going on to blame the media for the anger seen in American society. His supporters accused Democrats of unfairly suggesting the president was to blame for the bomb scare.

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