Columbus Day 2018: What Is Open & Closed On The Holiday?

Columbus Day 2018: What Is Open & Closed On The Holiday?

In 2017, Oberlin became the first city in OH to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.

Bloomington's Office of the Mayor officially proclaimed October 8, 2018 to be Indigenous Peoples Day, making it the first city in IN to recognize the holiday. "It's an honor to lend the group's support of this historic occasion for Los Angeles, and I want to thank Pat Vegas of Redbone for the opportunity to collaborate on the event".

Thirty years ago, Santa Fe artist Charlene Teters was recruited to the University of IL with two other Native American students to fulfill her dream of earning a master of fine arts degree.

The White House sent out a second proclamation Monday afternoon declaring Tuesday, Oct. 9 "Leif Erikson Day" but again making no mention of native Americans.

"I can see Columbus day as a holiday that comes under attack in the new political culture in the country", he said.

"Socialism in action. Our Capital City is even named after Christopher Columbus".

"The City of Columbus will be open on Columbus Day on Monday, October 8, 2018".

Critics of Columbus Day, proclaimed a national holiday in the 1930s, say it has perpetuated a false historical narrative surrounding Christopher Columbus, the Italian-born explorer credited with "discovering America" when the first of his four trans-Atlantic voyages for the Spanish crown landed on an inhabited island of the Bahamas in 1492.

Local community members, Native American activists and Oberlin College students stood before Sundance, the executive director of the Cleveland American Indian Movement, an Oberlin resident who opened the celebration with a prayer. Cincinnati is among the most recent jurisdictions to rename the holiday "Indigenous Peoples Day" this year after two previous failed attempts.

It's likely the first time in the city's history that it hasn't observed Columbus Day, a spokesperson for the mayor told NBC News.

Donate to Indigenous People's Rights Organizations.

According to the Unitarian Universalist Association, the idea of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day was born in 1977, at a United Nations -sponsored conference in Geneva, Switzerland, on discrimination against indigenous populations in the Americas.

"We didn't think it was prudent to add an additional holiday", Davis said. When the federal holiday was established, it was a "milestone" for Catholics and Italian immigrants, the pair wrote.

"One of my favorite quotes is an Apache translation: 'Wisdom sits in places, '" she said. "This is a really monumental year, and we're really excited to be collaborating and to be using this as a moment to educate each other and to use this as a moment to heal".

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