Google teams with Ubisoft to test video game streaming

Google teams with Ubisoft to test video game streaming

The Project Stream test begins on October 5 for a limited number of participants, but how long the test will last has not yet been announced.

There are limited spaces available for Project Stream, but if you're interested in participating, you can apply on our website.

Potential issues with retaining Internet personalities in the gaming field has not deterred Google, however, with the company hosting an annual Indie Games Festival and the Change the Game program, an initiative created to bring more women into the world of mobile game development. However, Google will be streaming the entire game's visuals, as well as you inputs from a controller or keyboard and mouse, over the internet. The first game supported will be Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which launches on Friday. The company will send an email notification to those who are selected.

To qualify for the trial you must be 17 years or older and live in the United States of America and have a reliable 25Mbps internet connection to your home.

Google said anyone wanting to try the service needs a home internet connections 'capable of 25 megabits per second'.

"We're going to push the limits with one of the most demanding applications for streaming - a blockbuster video game", Google product manager Catherine Hsiao said in a blog post.

According to him, that the ability to stream AAA games to more screens was one of the biggest innovations coming in the game industry.

The demo you see above shows the game running at 1080p, streamed at 60fps through Project Stream. If your computer can reliably stream Netflix videos in 4K ultra-HD resolution, you should be in the clear, per Netflix's own recommendation.

Google's given you ways to play nifty little games in your Chrome browser before, like the time vampire that is the branded Pac-Man Google Doodle - but its newest venture is worlds beyond that. It's a new video game streaming service created to allow high-end PC and console games to be played via Chrome.

Google is developing a subscription-based game streaming service that could work either on its Chromecast or a Google-made console.

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