Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire in woman's purse

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catches fire in woman's purse

Long Island real estate agent Diane Chung reported that her Note 9 caught fire on September 3, resulting in thick smoke billowing from inside her purse while she was riding in her building's elevator. However, a month later, a fresh report has now surfaced, with a woman claiming that her brand new Galaxy Note 9 burst into flames inside her purse. After which she noticed smoke coming out of her purse.

Her trauma didn't end too soon and continued till a man grabbed the burning phone with a cloth and put it inside a water bucket.

The fact is that lithium-ion batteries, a type of technology used in all smartphones, are fundamentally unstable, and can overheat or even explode due to myriad factors such as stress, heat or being punctured. She then tried to pick up her Samsung Galaxy Note 9, supposedly burning her fingers in the process as smoke continued to fill the inside of the elevator, making it hard for her to see.

She explains the whole incident to be "traumatic", and mentions in the lawsuit that the fire ruined everything that was inside her bag.

Her legal claim recalls the South Korean company's 2016 disaster with the Galaxy Note 7, which ignited so often that Samsung had to dump 2.5 million devices. Her lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount of money in damages, as well as a restraining order that would prevent Samsung from selling the Galaxy Note 9.

When launching the Note 9 last month, Samsung president Koh Dong-jin said the battery in the device was "safer than ever", and "users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore".

So far, this is only one incident of a Galaxy Note 9 catching fire and it does not necessarily suggest a widespread issue. At 4,000mAh, it is the biggest battery found in a device that is marketed under the Galaxy Note brand.

For its part, Samsung says it is investigating the matter but that no similar incidents have been reported.

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