They raised GoFundMe fortune for homeless man. Then things took dark turn

They raised GoFundMe fortune for homeless man. Then things took dark turn

Kate McClure, 28, and Mark D'Amico, 39, launched a successful GoFundMe effort that raised $400,000 for Johnny Bobbitt, who last Thanksgiving gave McClure $20 for gas when she ran empty in a rough Philadelphia neighborhood.

GoFundMe, in a joint statement with Cozen O'Connor the law firm representing the 34-year-old, said on Thursday Mr Bobbitt will receive funds equal to what he did not receive, The Philadelphia Enquirer reported.

The couple had created the fundraiser for Bobbitt, a former U.S. Marine, after he spent his last $20 to put gas in McClure's vehicle when she was stranded in Philadelphia on Thanksgiving.

Katie McClure and Mark D'Amico are accused of defrauding Johnny Bobbitt after raising $400,000 for him through GoFundMe.

In an August 27 interview with NBC News' Megyn Kelly on "Today", D'Amico and McClure said that after they paid fees to GoFundMe for setting up the account, there was about $350,000 in donations remaining, which they transferred to their private bank account because Bobbitt didn't have one. It's unclear what happened to it. McClure and D'Amico have denied wrongdoing. "GoFundMe's goal has always been to ensure Johnny gets support he deserves", Bobby Whithorne, director of North America Communications for GoFundMe, said in a statement Thursday. Bobbitt has questioned where they got the money for the new vehicle.

A search warrant was executed at the couple's home Thursday morning.

Since then, Bobbitt has brought a lawsuit against the couple, claiming the couple mismanaged his funds and used it to buy lavish vacations they otherwise could not afford. Dow has since asked the couple to appear in court Monday for depositions, saying she'd heard enough from their attorney: it was time they spoke for themselves, according to reporting from CNN. She said she wants them to appear in person. D'Amico said he kept $US200,000 - the amount that remained after paying for the camper, SUV and other expenses - in a savings account that he would gladly turn over to Bobbitt once the vet kicked an addiction to opioids and managed to hold down a job.

However, after an August 29 court proceeding, the couple reportedly failed to meet a 48-hour deadline a judge gave them to turn over any remaining funds to Bobbitt.

A homeless war veteran who gave his last $20 to a stranded woman in need of petrol, will receive the $545,000 (AUD) raised for him in a GoFundMe campaign, lawyers say.

Bobbitt's attorney, however, said the veteran had only seen $75,000 of the total $402,706 raised by 14,347 people. The company also pledged that Bobbitt would get all of his money - even if it can not be recovered from McClure and D'Amico.

The Bobbitt case is an example of why donors are better off contributing to nonprofits that are subject to regulations and financial reporting requirements, he said. On Wednesday, he said he and McClure had opened up a separate account for Bobbitt. At the request of Bobbitt's attorney, the judge has shut the suit down until at least December.

"GoFundMe has given $US20,000 to a bank account created by Johnny's legal team to provide assistance during the investigation", Whithorne said. A local ABC reporter tweeted that a BMW belonging to the couple was seized.

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