IPhone 9 could cost more than iPhone 8

IPhone 9 could cost more than iPhone 8

And then there's this person, who realizes Apple is doomed no matter how people pronounce iPhone XS, as the name "Ten-S" also sounds similar to "Tennis". The new Apple Watch models are also expected to come with advanced heart rate tracking and other health related improvements.

In the USA, this means the cheapest 2018 iPhone will set you back $699, the iPhone Xs should go for $799, while the iPhone Xs Max is going to be priced at $999.

As per these leaks, one can spot thinner bezels on this iPad compared to its previous version, as well as no home button at the bottom.

Last week, 9to5Mac revealed the "first look" of both the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones, rumoured to be called the iPhone XS. But with about a week left before Apple's event, there's still time to make this phone the "iPhone 11" - or, at least, not the XS. The same report compared Apple's approach to the iPhone 5C with its bright colors.

Apple is holding its annual fall event next week where we are certain to see new iPhones unveiled-and also probably new iPads. AirPower Finally Arrives Apple showed off its wireless charging pad a year ago, and hopefully it'll be coming to fruition soon. Regardless of where you live, the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone should cost the same as the iPhone 8 did when it launched.

Naming aside, the iPhone Xs Max is likely to become Apple's best smartphone yet. AirPower has yet to be released, but current rumors indicate we will finally have a release date after Apple's event on September 12.

"For obvious reasons, this consumption can dissatisfy users as their overall expected amount of available storage space is reduced for seemingly unknown reasons". That is very far from ideal and would certainly impact what you can get on the screen while using the tablet for word processing.

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