Lewis Hamilton wins at Monza thanks to superb late overtake

Lewis Hamilton wins at Monza thanks to superb late overtake

During a demonstration on the streets the Darensa dockland area in Milan, Italy ahead of his Sunday's Formula 1 race and Scuderia Ferrari's home race, the Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari teammates Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen both drove their Ferrari SF71H cars.

The gap between Raikkonen and Hamilton remained at one second as Vettel fought his way back from last.

Vettel won the Belgian GP last weekend to trim Hamilton's overall lead to 17 points. However, Vettel remains wary of the threat posed by Mercedes and does not believe back-to-back race wins is a guarantee.

Vettel lapped with a best time of one minute 20.509 seconds, 0.081 quicker than Hamilton, with the sun coming out after morning rain at Monza.

Raikkonen set several early fastest laps before his team-mate took over and then Hamilton, pushing his limits, usurped them both.

Vettel dropped to the back and had to pit as he damaged his front wing in the contact as well, but was handed a silver lining thanks to a safety auto. Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo has two and Max Verstappen one.

Kimi back on pole: It seemed like a good bet a red auto would be claiming pole position come Saturday afternoon, but most of us assumed it would be Sebastian Vettel.

"I wanted to run but we had to check the vehicle first, it was good that we got out this afternoon".

"In future, negativity is only an inspiration for me". He only drew alongside the Ferrari as they approached the braking zone but nailed Raikkonen around the outside.

Last year, the Briton arrived at the circuit in the former royal park trailing Vettel by seven points and left with a three-point advantage in a turnaround that ultimately led to his fourth world title.

Mercedes than had to bring strategy into play.

Quizzed about Raikkonen's slipstream, the German replied: "We have an order which changes every weekend, and this weekend it was Kimi's turn to go second (and get the tow). We must put pressure on Mercedes - they are not accustomed to it".

Hamilton ran until lap 28 before his pit stop, doing an excellent job in minimising the amount Raikkonen gained on him on fresh tyres.

Other drivers: Valtteri Bottas claimed a maiden win in Russian Federation previous year, while Kimi Raikkonen has podiumed in the last two races.

Bottas eventually pitted on lap 36, leaving Raikkonen and Hamilton nose to tail.

"We have not taken a decision yet", Camilleri told media at Monza.

Looking ahead to the start, and the notorious first chicane, he said: "Obviously you are still always trying to get out ahead, no matter who you're racing but for sure you try to avoid contact but then again, as I said, you try to avoid that anyway".

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