Pence outlines plan for creation of 'Space Force' by 2020

Pence outlines plan for creation of 'Space Force' by 2020

Ultimately, though, the decision to establish the Space Force will fall on the shoulders of Congress, which will have to approve the creation of a new branch of the military as well sign off on the funding.

The U.S. military already has a Space Command under the Air Force, headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., but the new Space Force would unify activities and 30,000 employees. In addition to angry comments denouncing the very idea and several attempts at memes, the responses contained alternate proposals for a Space Force logo - including the Federation symbol from Star Trek and the Galactic Empire logo from Star Wars.

Citing Russia and China, he said that for years United States adversaries have "pursued weapons to jam, blind and disable our navigation and communication satellites via electronic attacks from the ground". With migrant children still being separated from their parents at the border, the devastation of agricultural industries from the trade war with China, and the threat of white nationalism looming, "Space Force" has become the new cover-up to the administration's injustices.

What did Mike Pence say about the Space Force?

The plan would increase the visibility of efforts to defend satellites from attack and other space-related tasks.

Former astronaut and retired U.S. Navy Captain Mark Kelly called the venture "redundant and wasteful". "A branch of the military hasn't been created in 70 years. what would it mean to go about right now creating a sixth branch of the military?".

"In an impassioned address, he said that space was no longer a "peaceful sanctuary but a domain of conflict" and it was in the national interest to ensure that the United States "[adapts] to that reality".

In an interview with, Michael Dodge, an assistant professor in the Department of Space Studies at the University of North Dakota, likened the creation of a Space Force with the birth of the Air Force in the 20th century. Senator Bernie Sanders said via Twitter "maybe, just maybe" the government should guarantee healthcare "before we start spending billions to militarize outer space".

President Donald Trump's campaign wants to start selling a new Space Force themed line of merchandise, and they are soliciting votes on which design to use. "Absolutely? Is a Space Force the best, or second-, or third-best way to do that? No".

Boldly going where no man has gone before, the Trump administration has outlined its proposal for how the proposed new Space Force branch of the military will get underway. 'We need to address space as a developing, warfighting domain and a combatant command is certainly one thing that we can establish, ' he said.

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