Trump can shut down Russian Federation critics with one move

Trump can shut down Russian Federation critics with one move

SHAPIRO: And so when President Trump says they have very aggressive people, you don't think he's speaking about Montenegro specifically.

Repeating countless times that there had been "no collusion" - even when that was not the question he had been asked - Trump focused on endorsing President Putin's denial of Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. And Montenegrins are courageous people in those fights for its freedom. So let's say Montenegro, which joined a year ago, is attacked: Why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?

Back then, Markovic refused to make a fuss over the American president's manners.

"Regardless of how much bad press Trump receives for his foreign policies, these do not seem to have had any real effect on his popularity". It is the extreme views of Trump and his assistants which elicited such unified and unexpected response.

However, Trump was so fixated during the press conference on domestic United States politics and his own personal obsession with his election win that there was no mention either of Putin's points or of any of the more significant security issues that could have been on the table.

Woody Johnson, the USA ambassador to the United Kingdom, dismissed the significance of the protests, telling Fox News that one of the reasons the two countries are so close "is because we have the freedoms that we've all fought for".

"Montenegrins are not aggressive. but the nation of fearless warriors", he said.

The governor's four-day stay had been wrapping up Wednesday in Montenegro, where he met with business and political leaders. The German Chancellor said her country's relationship with the U.S. is 'crucial, ' adding that she will work on the partnership between the two countries despite negative attacks from the USA president.

The congressman also dismissed a recent Washington Post report that officials are "purging" employees at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs who are deemed disloyal to the president and his policies on veterans. It is not clear what kind of hold Moscow has on him, but it clearly has one.

He demanded that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries "Must pay 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY, not by 2025" and then rattled them further by privately suggesting member nations should spend 4 percent of their gross domestic product on defense - a bigger share than even the United States now pays, according to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation statistics. The embassy followed up Thursday with its own statement, saying "the United States is proud to call Montenegro an ally". -West stakes for influence all the higher - and Russian Federation trying to exert control in the Balkans - Montenegro was ground zero at the moment.

Advanced Russian air defenses and anti-ship missiles could complicate NATO operations in the area in the event of a general NATO-Russia war, but Montenegro would still be a diversion from the main fight. Russian Federation has denied the allegation.

Former parliament speaker Krivokapic described Trump's remark as "very unusual".

CARLSON: Yeah, I'm not against it - or Albania.

"He is the president of America, but he has not done too well with his statements lately", Kovacevic shrugged.

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