Syrian opposition, Russian Federation fail to reach ceasefire deal

Syrian opposition, Russian Federation fail to reach ceasefire deal

Rebels remain in control of parts of the provincial capital Deraa City, where the Syrian uprising began in 2011.

The six admitted refugees were injured during Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's onslaught on southwestern Syria.

Rebels controlling several towns in southern Syria were on Friday considering a deal for a regime takeover in exchange for an end to fierce bombing, state media and a monitor said.

Thousands of Syrians who have fled Daraa province after a government-launched offensive in mid-June have arrived at the border with Jordan and Golan Heights.

The statement said Russian Federation and Iran were violating the agreement they made and that it was "no surprise" that they proved to be "totally untrustworthy".

More and more Israeli forces surge into the occupied Golan Heights these days, reinforcements dispatched with an eye toward fighting in the war across the frontier in neighboring Syria.

Neighbouring Jordan says it can not afford to take any more refugees and is turning away the internally displaced at the border.

The opposition's chief negotiator in wider U.N. peace talks, Nasr al-Hariri, last week accused the United States of complicity in Assad's southwest offensive, saying American silence could only be explained by "a malicious deal".

The civilian delegation abandoned the negotiations "in light of the lack of clarity in the discussions and the Russians' insistence on imposing their conditions", the statement, authored by delegation leader Adnan Musalma, read.

In Washington, a State Department official said the United Sattes could not confirm the truce report, and the situation in southern Syria remained "grim" with Russian Federation and Syrian government forces continuing to bomb the area.

"The committee held its first meeting with Russian officers who presented their demands", said Ibrahim Jabawi, a spokesman of the central operations room set up by the main Free Syrian Army groups in southern Syria.

An AFP correspondent outside Daraa city - part of which is held by rebels - said Saturday night had been quiet, with only intermittent bombardment.

One strike killed at least 10 people including five children in the town of al-Sahwa, east of Deraa, it said, raising to 126 the number of civilians killed in the offensive since fighting escalated on June 19.

"With regards to southern Syria, we will continue to defend our borders, we will extend humanitarian assistance as much as we can, [but] we will not allow entry to our territory", Netanyahu said.

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