OnePlus 7 could be at U.S. carriers without bloatware

OnePlus 7 could be at U.S. carriers without bloatware

We haven't heard anything about the OnePlus 7 so far, and quite frankly it is too soon to be talking about it as well.

The arrival of 5G networks has been in the cards for years now with the continuing development of tech and facilities for faster wireless connectivity. Details about the next OnePlus flagship isn't known as of yet as you would expect, but 5G support could be a huge step forward for the company. Lau said that OnePlus might be one of the first 5G mobile phone makers in the world thanks to OnePlus's relationship with Qualcomm, and the launch will sync up with the first year of 5G availability in America.

PCMag recently sat down with OnePlus CEO Pete Lau to talk about what's coming down the pipe for the company.

The news, which is reported on by PhoneArena, relays comments made by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau at Mobile World Congress Shanghai that the company was already "working with U.S. carriers" as it plans to launch a 5G smartphone next year. There's a slo a good news for the users in the United States, CEO has confirmed that they are working to establish connection with carriers.

He also said that OnePlus is looking to partner with at least one US wireless carrier to sell OnePlus phones in USA stores. OnePlus usually launches two flagship phones for a year and the company has already announced the OnePlus 6 which is likely be succeded by the OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus now sells its phones primarily through its own website but has partnered with carriers in Europe in the past. Lau said that the company prioritizes speed and a bloatware-free experience. Since the launch of OnePlus One, all its devices have been released as unlocked versions. This year's iPhone X successors aren't supposed to pack 5G support, because that's not how Apple does things.

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