Mystery Shopper Buys Out Toys R Us Store

Mystery Shopper Buys Out Toys R Us Store

Even as stores enter their final days of the liquidation sale, toy expert Jim Silver, the founder and editor in chief of popular toy review website, isn't convinced that the Toys R Us story is over.

The UK branches of the iconic toy store have already closed, after massive fire sales, and on Friday the final United States stores close their doors for good.

In fact, the nationwide shutdown has left over 700 more empty retail spaces just like the one photographed and, more importantly, an $11 billion hole in the toy market.

The most recent set of photos, posted on Thursday night, shows the empty store in the moments before employees locked the doors for the last time.

She has also shared nostalgic Toys "R" Us commercials from the '80s and '90s to commemorate the end of the company.

After declaring bankruptcy in September, the chain in March sought a bankruptcy court's approval to start closing its 735 us stores, with severance payments coming to a halt during the liquidation.

The toy store chain, which opened in 1948 as Children's Bargain Town, per CNBC, filed for bankruptcy in September and announced in January that it would close 180 stores, according to the Deseret News.

The photo of a sullen Geoffrey the Giraffe was taken by Rene Johnpiere, believed to be an employee at a Toys "R" Us in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Patty Van Fossan, a long-time employee from OH said of the closure: 'I'm never going to have a job like Toys R Us. "What we're asking is that the executives at Toys "R" Us would allow us to be the stewards of Geoffrey, their mascot, as a way for us to raise awareness for giraffe conservation". "I was surrounded by children".

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